Readers Comments

Reading this book has captured my heart paragraph by paragraph – the Word of God comes alive through the book and it enlightens in me such a great hunger for more of God, more true powerful Christianity. I thank God for the privilege to read this book and I pray that we will still see more of His Great works to follow in the legacy of TB Joshua.
Willoé Snyders (South Africa)

This is the most comprehensive presentation of TB Joshua the man, his ministry, and his accomplishments. It is written by those who were there from the early years. The book provides important lessons and insights. I have read other works about TB Joshua and have come away disappointed by the lack of depth. Gary and Fiona Tonge are to be congratulated for this excellent book. It will be a huge blessing. Highly recommended.
K. Hungwe (USA)

I am sure that this book will be used by the Spirit to inspire many people for the generations to come. I like everything about it: the emphasis on holiness so missing in our western churches, the emphasis on the Bible, the emphasis on prayer, the emphasis on the reality of the supernatural and that God has not changed. It was great to read some of the authors’ testimony and first hand experiences. I felt the closeness of the Holy Spirit whilst reading and a great encouragement to press on into God and what He has for us to do and be.
Dr Mark Toleman 

An uplifting read. Fascinating events of biblical proportions today, told by eyewitnesses. Invaluable insights into the life and ways of a mysterious, controversial man. Whatever your belief, or lack of, this book will be somewhere between inspiring and life-changing for you. Highly recommended.
Alex Woods

Through the pages of this book, Gary and Fiona Tonge reveal some incredible insights, both into the character and motivation of this man, TB Joshua, and into the possibility of a life lived in complete dependence on the Holy Spirit.  It explains why people flocked from around the world and every strata of society, for more than two decades, to sit under his teaching and learn from his way of life, as well as to encounter the healing power of Jesus Christ.  This book will feed your soul – it does mine!
Wendy Churchill

This book is not about an ordinary man. As the story of TB Joshua’s life unfolds on the pages, we clearly see that everything about his life served a divine purpose and had God’s fingerprint on it to verify. So it is with this book. It has God’s fingerprint on it to change lives, which is the undeniable evidence of Jesus Christ.
Evelin Balassy (Hungary)

TB Joshua – Servant of God calls each one of us to be willing servants of God after the order of Prophet TB Joshua – a modern day exemplar of a life sold out for Jesus Christ and anointed for extraordinary service by the working of the Holy Spirit.
Dr Chimwemwe Miti

An inspirational read, not only demonstrating that Jesus Christ’s power is evident and active today, cutting across all racial, physical and cultural barriers but that those with persevering faith can accomplish great things and win the hardest of battles when God is involved. My advice is to take time to read this with an independent mind and allow this documentary of a life lived well to challenge you and stir within you a desire to dedicate your own life to knowing Jesus Christ more dearly.

This book is a MUST have. It builds my spiritual life to learn that everything close to Master Jesus receives attack. The time I received this book was also the time that I and my family encountered a great trial. This Spirit-led book acted as a medium for God to speak in the midst of this trial. I came to remember this saying from the man of God Prophet TB Joshua, that where God guides, He provides! I encourage everybody to buy this prophetic and divine book.
Olivia M. 

We thank the Holy Spirit for inspiring the authors to write this book. We saw even more clearly what a true Christian should be through the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua; what a relationship with God really needs to be. Everything lies in simplicity, obedience and love. I wish everyone would read this book and enter into their callings.
Rytis & Aushrine (Lithuania)

Gary and Fiona Tonge recount their wonderful spiritual growth under the service of TB Joshua Servant of God, but more especially explain about TB Joshua’s extraordinary life journey and great commission. TB Joshua was used mightily by God to touch and transform many people’s lives from all around the world through his ministry of healing, deliverance and prophecy. His messages and sermons teach us to live by the Word of God and to fully depend on Christ in our daily lives. God’s anointed and humble servant reveals his secrets to how to pray with devotion and constancy. He encourages believers to build a close relationship with Lord Jesus, to have faith in Him and to remain focused on Him, through thick and thin. What a blessing to have this book on my bedside table to read it over and over again.
Oubolvady Rajasombat (France)

This book truly captures the moments and experiences of this great prophet and allows our eyes to see and our ears to hear what happened in these glorious events. As I read this book with a sincere, attentive heart I felt as if I was present, traveling through each page.
LG Wise (USA)

I am so grateful to God to have been a witness of the events that God used Prophet TB Joshua for right from the early 90’s till his departure. I can boldly say everything stated in this book is nothing but the truth. If you really want to know about Prophet Joshua, read this book. Not only will it help you get to know him better, but it’ll also help your relationship with God for a lifestyle of prayer 24/7.
Temitayo Gold (USA)