TB Joshua – Servant of God

TB Joshua Servant of God Page SpreadThe book TB Joshua – Servant of God is a new biography of TB Joshua (1963-2021) which he personally approved shortly before his passing to be with the Lord. He was a controversial figure known widely for the undoubted evidence of the power of God in healing and deliverance that characterised his ministry for over three decades. 

British authors Gary and Fiona Tonge explain their journey to discover this man from Arigidi for whom prayer and relationship with Jesus Christ were a moment by moment walk with a pure heart. 

Based on the authors’ twenty years experience with TB Joshua and his ministry, we discover a prophet and humanitarian consulted by Presidents of countries yet a friend of the humble and disadvantaged; a global evangelist who could fill stadiums to preach the gospel yet didn’t make any charge for entry or took any personal offering. 

The book unveils the secret of TB Joshua’s relationship with Almighty God that enabled His power to flow through him. As you enter his story, you will find yourself renewing your hunger to know more of Jesus and dedicating yourself afresh to His mission.


List of Chapters

ONE      This Is It!
TWO      Life after Life 
THREE  Who Is Like My Jesus?
FOUR    To the Nations  
FIVE      Life is a Battlefield 
SIX        God Can Use Any Medium 
SEVEN  The Prophet on the Mountain
EIGHT   A Man of the People 
NINE     The Highway to Heaven 
TEN       Epilogue